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Regency Victorian Historic Moonshadow Grey Pure SILK Jabot

Regency Victorian Historic Moonshadow Grey Pure SILK Jabot
Item# newitem359354014

Product Description

Handmade Jabots! Made on order by Elegantascot.

Pure SILK Jabots available in any silk color, please request.


Cascading crisp moonshadow (grey with hints of lavender) dupioni silk on a cotton twill backing.

* The dupioni silk allows for another dimension of styling, the fabric is crisp and stiff, without excessive volume. Fluff it out or style it tight.

Length:~9 inches Width: ~ 5 inches at center

Collar: (wide collar shown) button and hole, made to size (if no size specified than 18" length sent, collars ~1.5 inch in width unless requested otherwise)

Ask for velcro instead of button if preferred.