We have been in the business and professionally making and selling cravats WORLDWIDE for over 9 years!

Our contact information

By email:

The Elegant Ascot
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Shipping Information:

Ascot cravats cut from the fabric bolt on order, shipped within 2-3 business days unless otherwise noted. All prices in USD.

We minimize our shipment packaging to get you the best shipping prices possible. We do not include paperwork and do our best to eliminate any possible customs delays.

EXPRESS and EXPEDITED shipping (with tracking) available in Checkout!
Shipping times may vary due to customs.

* EXPEDITED 3-4 Business days for USA, EXPRESS 1-3 Business Days USA
* EXPRESS 6-8 Business days for Worldwide.
* EXPRESS 1-2 Business days for Canada.
(please note it takes 1-3 business days to make cravats, day of shipment is day 0)

We ship worldwide.

Proof of shipping is available, as validated through Canada Post. Tracking costs extra, please inquire for details.

Average airmail shipping times (all items shipped airmail, minimum) is 10-12 business days. Express options available.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:

Sorry, no refunds or exchanges after shipment, please read listings carefully and feel free to ask questions!